2003-05-01 - Begin Documentation

The initial documentation is written, this journal is opened. The invitation for the first meeting is sent. The requirements specification document is created.

2003-05-06 - Meeting

Meeting with J. Boillat and P. Fierz. Explained what the project is about, showed existing project. Discussed the targets of the project and defined what needs to be done next. Study project 'OQL for relational databases' [OQL95]

2003-05-12 - Documentation Update

The requirements specification is updated, an invitation for the next meetings is sent.

2003-05-18 - Begin Implementation

The implementation of the applications has begun. A TPC-A application is written according to the documentation available at

2003-05-19 - Documentation Update

Updated the documentation Requirements Specification and sent the version to the tutors and expert.

2003-05-24 - First Draft of the Survey

Started writing the survey document.

2003-05-27 - Meeting

Meeting with J. Boillat and P. Fierz in Berne. Review of the Requirements Specification and discussion about the survey. P. Fierz is ok to hand out the survey to his students. P. Fierz also suggested to hand out the survey to the students of the Software School (SWS) in Berne (the same building). Mr. Schmidhauser (arno.schmidhauser at hta-be dot bfh dot ch).

2003-05-31 - Documentation Update

Update the Survey and Requirements Specification according to the last meeting.

2003-06-04 - Work on the survey

New paragraphs added, wording changed.

2003-06-05 - Work on the Prototype

Writing the JDBC API and the template for the parser (not yet working)

2003-06-06 - Work on the Prototype

Writing the demo application

2003-06-07 - Work on the Prototype

Working on the demo application

2003-06-08 - Work on the Prototype

Working on the demo application and the database tool

2003-06-09 - Work on the Prototype

Working on the database tool

2003-06-10 - Work on the Prototype

Working on the database tool

2003-06-12 - Survey

Changed some items based on feedback of co-workers.

2003-06-13 - Survey

More changes due to additional user feedback.

2003-06-16 - Survey

Grammar corrections.

2003-06-17 - Meeting

Meeting with J. Boillat and P. Fierz in Berne. Review of the Survey. P. Fierz has a copy of the survey to hand out to his students. Review of the prototype: TPC-A benchmark, database tool application, demo application, and JDBC API including parser. Antlr has been used as the parser generator (

Copies of the survey have been given to Philipe Seewer, assistant of the Software School (SWS) in Berne (the same building). The plan is that Mr. Schmidhauser who hand the survey to the students of at least one class.

The first survey results have been collected from students of the class I-99 (M. Hadorn, Th. Roschi and Ph. Seewer).

2003-06-18 - Online Survey

To reach more people, the survey will be set up online on the SourceForge system. Server side PHP script will be used to send the survey results by mail to the author. A survey result processing needs to be implemented.

2003-06-19 - Online Survey

Work on the online survey.  

2003-06-27 - Meeting

Meeting with J. Boillat, P. Fierz and W. Eich in Berne. Review of the Requirements Specification. Only little changes in the specification is necessary: it needs to be defined how the results of the survey affect the project. Presentation of the prototype.

2003-06-30 - Online Survey

Information about the survey is posted on Freshmeat is a open source project information site with high traffic. From then on, many developers fill out the survey online. The results of the online are a lot simpler to process than the results of the paper survey.

2003-07-01 - Online Survey Result Processor

A application is written that can process the results of the online survey. The processor takes a mail as input and creates a html page with the results as output. It is still necessary to create diagrams by hand. The plan is to punch in the results of the paper survey into the online survey site, so that the paper survey is no longer required.

2003-07-04 - Work on the Prototype

Working on the JDBC driver.

2003-08-05 - No Meeting

The planned meeting has been postphoned because the survey results are not in yet, and because of lack of progress (almost no work has been done during the vacation time).

2003-08-10 - Development continues

Mainly, work on the JDBC driver has been made. It can now be used as a regular JDBC driver. The NewSQL driver is using the LDBC driver.

2003-08-24 - Survey Results

We have now 64 filled out survey forms. A new document 'survey results' has been created.

2003-08-29 - Meeting

Meeting with J. Boillat, P. Fierz and W. Eich in Berne. Review of the survey results. The results are not clear on one point: what should be the style of the language? It could be both Java style or simplified SQL style. The SQL style got most votes, but as the SQL style is already supported by the project LDBC, another grammar style must be used for NewSQL. No decision has been made, it is left to the student to pick the style or to continue with both styles as of now.

2003-09-06 - Database Tool and Grammar implementation

The development of the Database Tool continues. The grammar script is written. Working on the parser. Currently, the Java Style grammar is implemented, the simplified SQL grammar not yet (but it could still be implemented later on).

2003-10-20 - Database Tool - Wizard

The first version of the the Database Tool Wizard is developed. The wizard is based on dialog boxes. It should be possible to press [Next] to continue with a query. The disadvantage is, many different dialog boxes must be developed. Advantages are: It is possible to display help text in a nice looking way, and it may be possible to implement [Back] buttons.

2003-10-22 - Grammar documentation

The grammar documentation is made. Currently, the documentation includes only the most important statements (data query and data manipulation).

2003-10-27 - Database Tool - Wizard

The wizard is re-implemented. It turned out the implementation using dialog boxes would be too much work. Instead, popup menues are used now. The popup menu is displayed at just right to the cursor position. A new toolbar icon is added to start the wizard

2003-10-30 - Converting the demo and benchmark applications

The demo application is converted to use NewSQL code. Now, two version of the demo application are available, one using SQL and the other using NewSQL code. In the case of the benchmark application, the NewSQL code was included in the current file (that is, in the same class).

2003-11-04 - Meeting

Meeting with J. Boillat in Berne. Review of the grammar documentation. The documentation should be extended in the following way: The complete grammar should be added to the document in BNF (Backus-Naur Form). The base for this should be the Antlr script used in the converter. The contents and ordering of the the documentation where discussed. In the comparison between NewSQL and SQL, it would be nice to include SQL-99 (this is a 'may' requirement). The next meeting where discussed. Most likely, version 1.0 (on which the grade is based on) will be delivered in the middle of December.

2003-11-05 - Documentation and tests

Work on the documentation continues. The grammar documentation is extended, and the product documentation is created. Minor bugs in the wizard are fixed. Work on the automated coverage test is started. The coverage tests will be executed using an Ant task. 

2003-11-26 - Meeting

Meeting with J. Boillat, P. Fierz and W. Eich in Berne. Discussion on how to organize the documentation in the final report. Presentation of the current applications. A plan about the remaining work have been made, and the two final meetings are scheduled.

2003-11-27 -Documentation and tests

The documentation is reorganised according to the discussions on Nov. 11. New tests have been implemented and bugs are fixed this week

2003-12-02 - Meeting

Meeting with J. Boillat in Berne. Review of the grammar documentation.  Changes and additions in the final report have been discussed. The final report should be made in 4 copies, all handed out to him. The reports should all have a yellow book back.

2003-12-05 - Documentation and tests

The rest of the documentation is written. Some bugs in the database wizard are fixed.

2003-12-09 - Meeting

Meeting with J. Boillat in Berne. Review of the grammar documentation.  Only smaller changes have been discussed. As yellow book backs are out of stock, now backs with another color may be used.

2003-12-10 - Final Changes and Report Production

The final reports are prouduced and handed out to J. Boillat


[OQL95] OQL for relational databases, 1995, Chr. Aellig, W. Eich, U. Herzig